To learn about renting the hall, please contact Joey Jensen, 403-963-4371, or fill out the form below.

Rental fees are as follows:

$350/24 hr. period Friday to Sunday. (Friday 4pm to Sunday 4pm) $250/24 hr. period Sunday through Thursday. Booking Fee/Inspection fee due at time of booking. The booking fee of $250 is non-refundable and the $250 inspection fee will be refunded (within 14 days) upon inspection if nothing is broken or missing and everything has been cleaned and all conditions of contract met. The $500 booking/inspection fee shall be forfeited in its entirety if the rental is cancelled within 60 days of the scheduled event. 


Weekend rental

Booking fee – $250 (non-refundable)

Inspection fee – $250 (refundable upon inspection after 14 days)

Rental fee – Friday noon to Sunday noon – $700 ($350/day)

Total rental – $950

Weekday rental

Booking fee – $250 (non-refundable)

Inspection fee – $250 (refundable upon inspection after 14 days)

Rental fee – $250

Total rental – $500


The RENTER shall obtain commercial general liability insurance coverage to protect against liability for damage claims through public use of or arising out of accidents occurring in or around the facility. The insurance policy shall provide a minimum coverage amount of $2,000,000.  The insurance policy shall also have LIBERTY HALL listed as an additional insured on any claims or losses.

If alcohol is being served at any time during the event, the RENTER must obtain host liquor liability insurance (PAL) and a liquor permit in accordance with the number of guests anticipated to be in attendance.


The hall has non-serviced overnight camping for $10/unit to be collected by renter and given to the hall representative.

General Information:

The hall is wheelchair accessible.

Maximum capacity of the hall is 200 people.

No open fires are permitted without prior authorization and proper permits – no pallets permitted.

The telephone is for public use but unable to callout long distance. Please do not use 411 to look up numbers.

The hall property lines are fenced – please stay away from the fence and do not approach any farm animals contained in the fence.

No animals of any kind are permitted in the hall unless it is a service dog.

No fire exits to be blocked at any time.

No open flames, including sparklers are permitted inside the building.

Please do not use tables and chairs to stand on, use step ladder provided.

Proper permits must be in place for each function i.e., liquor, insurance permits food safety if having a caterer.

Please do not pour grease down the drains.

Liquor and receipt for liquor purchased must be visibly displayed in the bar area. 

Liberty Hall Board

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